Hello,  my name's Steve and I'm a photographer.

Well they say admitting it is the first stage of giving up.

Photography! It's addictive.

My main addiction is motorsport.  I have to be careful, I can't get enough of it.  It was my Dad who got me hooked.  He's still in to it but these days he can't get to it himself so much.  Has to rely on big 'TV' to bring it to the house.

I've had some help with motorsport.  Tim at Team Afterdark, BSB Superstock 1000 class, allowed me to join in with them a few times. But it can cost a lot to get other stuff.  We get it when we can (any help appreciated).

Aviation is another one I try regularly, but again if you're not careful it can take over.

I've tried other stuff to see if that helps.  I've taken in some Ice Hockey with the Swindon Wildcats.  At first it was going ok.  But then I started to enjoy that a bit too much and we had to move away.

More recently I'm trying something I liked when I was younger.  I kind of lost my way with Football, when some of the more expensive stuff got a bit too rich, but I've now got in with a good crowd at Portishead Town FC! These guys and girls seem passionate about what they are doing so it seems right to join in with them.

So maybe I will give up one day, but it won't be anytime soon.

Enjoy the images, I hope you like them.  Thank you for visiting www.speedsnap.co.uk